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Creating Statement Charges in QuickBooks

There’s more than one way to bill customers for your products and services. A statement charge is one of them.

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Using QuickBooks' Bill Tracker

If your business pays a lot of bills, you need an efficient system for staying current with them. QuickBooks’ Bill Tracker provides that.   Bill-paying may be your least favorite accounting activity....

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How to Enter Bills in QuickBooks

It’s not as much fun as creating invoices, but the bills must be paid. Here’s how QuickBooks helps.   We’re in a bit of a transitional period with business bill-paying. Some paper bills still come...

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How QuickBooks Protects Your Data, and How You Can Help

The data in your QuickBooks company file contains some of the most sensitive information on your computer. Make sure it’s secure. Your customer list is gold. And those Social Security and bank card...

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Receive Payments the Right Way in QuickBooks: Your Options

How you record a customer payment in QuickBooks depends on why and how you received it.   One of the reasons we like QuickBooks is because it uses language and processes that are familiar to small...

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How Do You Track Jobs in QuickBooks? Part 2

In this second of a two-part series, we’ll explore how you use the job-related records you’ve created.   Last month, we showed you how to start building a foundation for tracking jobs in QuickBooks....

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