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Small Employer Pension Plan Start Up Costs

If you’re a newly established or recently acquired business, or a business that took several years to become profitable, now may be the time to put more money into employee benefit plans like a...

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Need Advanced Time-Tracking? Connect QuickBooks Online to An App

You can track the hours employees work in QuickBooks Online. But if your time-tracking needs are complex enough, you’ll need an integrated app.   If your company has a staff and sells services, you...

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Identity Theft and the IRS

Identity theft happens when someone uses your personal information without your permission. While this can include credit cards, banking information, and passwords, it’s your Social Security number...

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Using QuickBooks' Bill Tracker

If your business pays a lot of bills, you need an efficient system for staying current with them. QuickBooks’ Bill Tracker provides that.   Bill-paying may be your least favorite accounting activity....

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KRD Client Spotlight Summer 2019: Mr. Floor

When Felix Murokh started Mr. Floor in 1987, they were a fledgling organization comprised of a few skilled craftsmen all dedicated to customer service.

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AICPA Outlines Priority Recommendations for IRS

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) submitted more than 140 recommendations to the IRS regarding its 2019-2020 Guidance Priority List. This list identifies and priorities items the AICPA believes...

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