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Individual Retirement Accounts: Inherited IRAs

Taxpayers generally must begin withdrawing money from their IRA or retirement account upon reaching age 70½. The required minimum distribution (RMD) is the minimum amount that must be withdrawn each...

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Tracking Time in QB Part 2

We’ll be continuing the two-part series we started last month. Last month, we learned about getting QuickBooks ready for time-tracking by activating it in Preferences. We also created a record for a...

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Getting Ready for Payroll in QB Online

Taking on your company’s payroll with QuickBooks Online? Knowing what you’re up against ahead of time will make your setup tasks much easier.   Payroll is probably the most complex element of small...

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KRD Ranks in 2018 Top 100 Firms and Regional Leaders

Accounting Today released their Top 100 Firms and Regional Leaders. KRD ranked as the 12th fastest growing firm across the country! Thank you to our clients and our team for helping us reach this...

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Business Financing - Don't Intermingle Funds

A common problem with single-owner and other closely-held corporations is intermingling of funds. This occurs when a corporate shareholder uses his or her personal checking account for corporate...

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