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Proposed Regulations Address Small Business Simplified Accounting Rules

The IRS has issued proposed regulations on the simplified tax accounting method rules for small-business taxpayers enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). For tax years beginning in 2019 and...

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Form 990: General Information

As a result of a recent explosion not only in the number and types of tax-exempt organizations but also in the abuses that some of these entities engage in, the IRS has redesigned Forms 990, the...

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Form 990: Expanded Compensation Reporting

As a nonprofit organization, you probably already are aware of the heightened public scrutiny imposed upon such organizations due to reports of grossly excessive compensation received by nonprofit...

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Assets in Minor’s Name – Tax Strategy Alternative

Many of us use the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) to hold money or other property for a minor child that otherwise would not be able to be held in their name.

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How to Track Employee Time, Part 2

If you have to track a lot of employee work hours, you might want to use QuickBooks’ Timesheets.

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How to Create Product Records in QuickBooks Online, Part 2

Once you’ve created your company’s product and service records, you’ll use them in numerous places in QuickBooks Online.

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